Sunday, September 15, 2013

time, patience, disobedience.

Are people patient?
What do we do when we hear 'hold on', or 'you can't know yet', or 'you can't have it'? 
We go cray cray. 
We are not patient by nature. It's all a part of our learning process and God works in weird, sometimes wrong looking ways. Why wrong? Because they're against what we wish for. Not as easy, pain/problem free, not as pretty looking as we’d want them to be. I think at some point (or a couple of them) we may all have come to a conclusion that we wished God worked in less mysterious ways. You get what I mean, right? But I bet God wished we listened and obeyed more so He wouldn’t have to work around our minds and wait till we come to the place we should have come to ages ago. But we are stubborn. So stubborn and proud, that it may take a tragedy for some to shake up and wake up.
We will always think we know something for a fact. No matter how much wisdom we may gain in our lifetime, we will make mistakes. We will be proud and stupid, making decisions upon our emotional state. We will be people. Imperfect, but saved, if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour.
So, time. 
What do you feel when you think of time? 
On how many occasions were you made stop and wait for something to happen? How many times have you had to change your plans, make new unexpected decisions? It’s so frustrating, stressful and really, unnecessary. We don’t need more problems, do we? Why should we go through one more trouble? Why go back to that place again? Why start over? Why wait longer? Why stop this, or pause that? Why be broken hearted?
Because we haven’t learned yet.
We haven’t opened our hearts and ears enough to hear God’s whisper. We haven’t waited, seek guidance, we trusted our impulse instead of warnings. We took the step. We took the risk. And we have failed.
Sat on the edge of our bed we thought this was the end. Even if there was a way to go on we couldn’t believe we have end up in this spot again. So frustrated, mad and let down by our own pride. Now what? Come to God? Admit we were wrong?
How much did it take for you to learn your lesson?
For me it nearly took my life. God has saved me on a couple occasions from making some serious mistakes. And don’t worry, most of bad decisions He did allow me to make, since I didn’t really call for help.
Do you realise that most of those quick decisions you make are because you don’t understand the time line God has prepared for you? Do you know a part of this may be that you actually don’t trust God, or His promises, or that you are safe in His will for your life?
Yes He can use anything for your good. But also, you can walk away from His will for your life. It is possible. We call it disobedience to the call. Prioritising comfort over sacrifice. Convenience over confrontation. Dishonesty over truth. Selfishness over helpfulness. Riches of the earth over riches of the Heaven.
We choose a moment over Eternity.

If you don’t have it now it means you don’t need it now.
If God doesn’t give you the answer yet it means you either don’t need to know it yet or you’re not grown enough to accept the truth.
if you don’t have this position in church yet it either means you will never have it cause you’re only after a name and glory for yourself, or you’re not ready for it yet, or this is not for you but you choose to be stubborn instead of allowing Him to guide you.

You can’t play around with God. No one knows you the way He does.
He OWNS the time. He created it. So if you don’t sign up for obedience, you may end up a very disappointed, hurt, etc etc etc human being.
You are not god. You cannot control your life, you can’t control the way things will happen, you can’t take the time back.
So instead of putting yourself through more pain of whatever process you are in right now, even if everything seems okay, please, do yourself a favour, stop where you are and ask God if this is where you are meant to be.

And, if you have just gone through very painful time, please allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself some time of no big decisions, of letting yourself of in a sense of not overthinking everything that’s just happened. We are so busy we forget that there is also time to regain our strength.
There’s nothing wrong with being weak, with admitting we need help or with simply wanting to take some time out.
This note is to challenge you to focus on God if you want to live in His good will for your life, and it’s also to encourage you to see that you need to respect where you are at, see where God has brought you from and through that realise where He is taking you.
Remember, as much as ‘everything happens for a reason’, sometimes the reason is our disobedience and it has nothing to do with God’s will for us, so please take responsibility for your actions and if you have been blaming God for where you are at, get your acts together and man up.

God loves you. He will make your mess into a message IF you allow Him to help you and IF you decide to obey His time line for you. Learn to respect the waiting process and in it search for God’s treasures.

Everything is going to be okay.
Just wait and see ;)

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