Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Difference between wisdom and fullishness?

We all have freedom to do what we want to do.
We may be under the leadership of our parents or whoever else who takes care of us, but essentially they can't really make us do things. It's up to us whether we listen to them or not. So as adults, we do whatever we want. Our bodies crave things, our eyes see what the world thinks is right to do, our ears hear about 'awesome' experiences of others. We listen to influential songs of our century, we read magazines, see size 0 models, have different trend to follow each season, have friends who if not chosen carefully, will have a bad influence on us.
Concluding on this, we live under terrible pressure. We face it every single day of our lives. Can't escape it unless our mindset is opposite to the one speaking to us. What do I mean by this?
I mean that we still have a choice. Whatever people tell us, whatever pressure or expectation we feel that has been put on our shoulders, it is still entirely up to us on whether we will stand up to those expectations, or to our convictions. For example, if I am convicted that I don't have to be size 0, will I starve myself just because the magazines suggest that this is the most attractive size for me to be? I know it's a load of rubbish, don't I? So why follow it?
If every time going into town you feel deep down that getting drunk to the point when you can't remember how on earth you got home is wrong, why drink? Because your friends expect you too? Because its more fun that way? What kind of fun are you talking about? The fun where you can get robbed, hurt, raped or killed?
I could give many examples on how we can stand against what we know is good or bad, but y'all know what I'm talking about.
So let's move on to something way more serious.

You may feel good quenching your first for fun. You may be satisfying your body by sleeping around or allowing anyone you're in a relationship with to have your body before they seriously commit to you.
It may feel good to gossip, to be selfish, arrogant or aggressive.
It may feel better to hurt others instead of you getting hurt again.
It may bring you a short lived satisfaction when you take revenge, hold grudge or not forgive.
It may be easier to divorce your spouse rather than work through issues (yes there are exceptions, I'm talking here about people who don't have the excuses of abuse or cheat).
It may be easier to lie than to tell the truth.
It may be easier to accommodate to the expectations of the world than to stand up for your values and convictions.
It may be easier.
But since when does easy means better?

One thing you need to clearly understand before you move on from reading this note.
There will be consequences for the choices you make.
You sow into your life and you will reap the fruit of it. Things that satisfy for a moment are rarely good for you, unless it's food.
Writing this I am not trying to judge you, but rather make you fully aware of the fact that you can change your life before its too late.
Some of the choices you have made or you will make in the near future will chase you for the rest of your life if you don't deal with them properly.
There is no shame in taking responsibility for your life.
Are you imprisoned by trying to be like others? Who do you want to impress?
Who have you not forgiven?
Of what have you not let go?
What pain keeps you awake at night?
What do you miss, really?

I know this is a lot.
But you really need to think through your priorities. I'm writing this to myself as well, don't worry. It's the reason why I got an idea for this note in the first place.

Your life is precious. Don't waste it.
Don't kill your health. Don't make choices and don't walk the paths you will regret picking.
There's more to life than all the rubbish the world is trying to feed us.
All those things are worthless.
Absolutely worthless.

Do yourself a favour and make a decision to do less of something, give something up, let go of something from the past or forgive someone.

Let this be your first step to freedom.

Why not go to church? Give it a go. It may surprise you how much good you could get out of it :)

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