Sunday, October 27, 2013

can we

if we can be broken,
can we also be whole?
who taught you to be so fragile?
who told your heart to shake every minute of the day?
who said you have to hide
and hate the person in the mirror?
who took this sweet smile away
and turned it into tears of sadness?
could you please tell me
what happened when you've had a choice
listening to the opinion of others
and listening to your own heart?
wake up
wake up!
do you know what's the number one job of satan?
to break the unity between people.
to break the unity between your head and your heart.
to convince you that you cannot possibly live freely
that your opinion doesn't matter
that your dreams will NEVER come true.
that you are stupid
that you're not worthy
that everyone can be loved EXCEPT for you
that everyone can be healed EXCEPT for you
that everyone can be changed, happy, pure, EXCEPT for you.
do you agree?
if you do, you have been fouled by satan alone.
he's been working on you.
he doesn't want you to realise something,
because he's realised that before you have.
you see, he remembers your life better than you do
and he can recognise God's hand on you better than you.
he knows God is up to something
he knows God has a plan for you
and according to all the things that God wanted to do through you lately
(that satan luckily managed to stop last minute
by convincing you that you're shy and unworthy),
God really loves you.
satan doesn't like the idea of you converting into believing.
he doesn't want you to realise that you've lived fed by lies.
he doesn't want you to trust God.
so he will press every single button available
he will attack you
he will feed you with anger
and hate
only to take your eyes off the true message:
God loves you and has a GOOD plan for your life.

now, will you choose to turn to God
or will you choose to believe satan's lies.