Monday, March 19, 2012


we take on fights all the time
every day.
we choose to stand up and protect
our beliefs
our rights
our desires
our loved ones.
we make those decisions
to keep on fighting.
we push through
we fall 
we stand up again
we're still breathing
we are free to pick what we want
and what scares me
is that
we choose to give up.
we fail.
we don't stand up again.
we loose fights.
it is when we stop focusing on the goal.
Then, problems are a never ending story,
every obstacle is a mountain
we loose our faith
our prayers are empty
our hearts full of pain.
we forget the times
when we fell
but we got up again.

Let me ask you this question..
When did a problem become bigger
Than God Almighty?

-when you wanted to be the god.

problems may be bigger than you. To show you that God is bigger than you.

Friday, March 16, 2012


nadal uparcie odwracam sie od Ciebie
uciekajac waskimi uliczkami
zacmione swiatlo
smrod zatkanych wentylacji
zamykam oczy i udaje ze mnie nie ma
sciskam wlasne dlonie
marzac, by ktos byl tu ze mna
probujac wiecznie wciagnac kogos
w to,
przez co mam isc sama
puste ramiona
zamglony wzrok
zdarte gardlo
wyszeptany krzyk.
Boze, pomoz mi
pasc na kolana.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yes, it is hard to live for God.
Yes, we often go through more trouble than non- Christians do.
It was never promised to us that life would be easy.
It was only promised that it would be worth it.
That God would use everything for good of those who love Him.
So I don't know about you, but I choose to follow.
To go after my Master.
To take on His lead.
To wake up every morning praising His holy name
To go to sleep thanking for the Day.
To lead a life in keeping ownership of what we do
No blame shifting
No 'but you did this so you're worse than I am'
No. Just no.
God gave a LIFE to each of us
And we are not to waste it 
Each day has a purpose
Each and one of them has been planned by God.
It's like a limited edition of Gucci's perfumes.
Once gone, won't repeat.

This is a call
For you, my Friend,
To look into your heart
And see what is it you live for
And I mean, Really.
Things you do you should do more of
Things you do you should never be doing
Who you are when no one is looking
Who is it you give your heart to
Who are they?
Above all else guard your heart for it is a wellspring of life'. Proverbs 3:24

Freedom, is what God gave you.
Choose wisely, my Friend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'submit yourselves to God'

Today I woke up with a need to study the whole book of James. In here I'd like to write some of my thoughts on chapter 4, verses 1-12.

Let's start with first passage, verses 1-3. In here James writes very boldly about our own human desires.
'what causes fights and quarrels among you'? If we are honest, there is always a desire that drives the motives of our actions. Think of the last time you've argued with someone. What was the reason for it? Have you ever lied to someone in order to get something you wanted? I think we all did. James goes on saying that we don't have because we don't ask God and when we ask Him, our desires or motives are wrong and selfish so we don't get what we asked for. God knows what's best for us and he knows that we are wicked therefore even if we think our desires are right, we won't get those things because God knows what having them would lead us to. They don't have to be great things. It could be a tv that God doesn't want you to have to prevent you from getting influenced by the wrong programmes which don't honor Him. Conclusion: we need to submit our desires to God and have right motives when asking for things.

Verses 4-6. I think that this goes especially for people with 'wrong desires' and for people who have just accepted Jesus as their Savior. Basically: you can't follow God without giving up your old life and you can't grow while living in sin. Sin is not from God, neither is lust. Addictions, wrong motives, selfishness, lies, list goes on. Those things kill your spirit and keep you in a prison of, well, sin. The way to get out of it? Submit yourself to Jesus. Repent from your sin, talk to a trusted friend and battle this addiction together. It’s not impossible, because once you repent, your cards are clean. It doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted anymore, but it does mean that your mindset will be renewed and God will be on your side.
‘God opposes the proud, but shows favour to the humble and oppressed’. Is your pride keeping you from humbling yourself before God? I can say one thing about this. My pride kept me from growing for years. And then I realized that more than my pride I was scared of letting God into my heart to have him see how much crap was in there. Pride is a killer, but a humble prayer could save your life.

Verses 7-10. When you resist the devil HE HAS TO flee from you. Come near to God, he wants to have a relationship with you. How awesome is that?! Even though we continue in falling into the traps of sin all the time, God still wants us back. This passage proves it in a great way. Have the courage to humble yourself before your Maker. No matter how bad you feel about things you’ve done or things that have been done to you, Jesus has the love that will lift you up. Purify you heart.

Verses 11-12. This is how I see judging others: when we judge somebody it’s as if we came to God and said: You know what, let me help you judge this person cause I see that You’re not very good at it. Since I’m so humble and free from any kind of sin, let me show You how to be the judge.

God made the law and God is the Law keeper. We have no right to judge. He is the one who knows the heart, who knows all the motives and most of the time, honestly, our judging attitude is driven by worse motives than the person’s we’re about to judge.

How could we then conclude the topic of submitting? To me submit means to give up something of ours in order to get God's. What do you think?

The whole book of James is full of brilliant tips for a good life. I'd encourage you to read it:) if you have any thoughts, ideas or disagreement with what I wrote in this note, please, go ahead and write:)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

food for thought

'A third of Nepal's people live below the poverty range'. Read this, go there, and then look back at your life. We, people of this century need some food for thought. We need to get our acts together and learn to appreciate what we have, and give to those who have nothing. I'll give you a quick example. Few weeks ago, someone knocked on the door of our church. It was a couple. They missed the food bank hours. Asked me if there was anything I could give them to eat. They've not eaten for 2 days. I went around the church. It was a Saturday, there was nothing I could give to them except for 2 packs of biscuits. I had to open that door again and tell them that there was no bread, no meal I could offer them except for those biscuits. I saw tears in that woman's eyes. The man.. took the biscuits, looked at them, looked at me, and said.. 'thank you'. Why am I writing this? Because guys, there is something more than money to worry about. There are hurting people around us. You can't afford to go on a mission trip? Then get out of your house and walk down your street. I'll give you £10 if you don't meet a homeless person. When was the last time you gave something? When you sacrificed? I'm not asking about the spare change in your pocket. I am asking about your time, your love, your investment. What are you giving into? When was the last time you served someone else but yourself? Think about it.