Monday, March 19, 2012


we take on fights all the time
every day.
we choose to stand up and protect
our beliefs
our rights
our desires
our loved ones.
we make those decisions
to keep on fighting.
we push through
we fall 
we stand up again
we're still breathing
we are free to pick what we want
and what scares me
is that
we choose to give up.
we fail.
we don't stand up again.
we loose fights.
it is when we stop focusing on the goal.
Then, problems are a never ending story,
every obstacle is a mountain
we loose our faith
our prayers are empty
our hearts full of pain.
we forget the times
when we fell
but we got up again.

Let me ask you this question..
When did a problem become bigger
Than God Almighty?

-when you wanted to be the god.

problems may be bigger than you. To show you that God is bigger than you.

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