Monday, July 1, 2013

true compassion?

Dear God,
Open my eyes so I could see 
what dwells in the eyes of other people
What kind of pain and suffering 
Have they gone through 
Tears that had to dry on their own 
Arms that shook without a hug 
Nervous hands, untouched 
Whisper for help, never heard
Or rather, 
Never listened to, intently. 
Stories that've never been told
Kept so deep on the bottom of
A heart
That they've become a one long scar
Of pain
Only God knows of. 
Sat in the corner of a room
Lonely bench in a locked up park
Under the bridge on a cold dark night 
How old were you then? 
16? 25? 70?
So much, so much pain. 
Imagine fearing so much and so often,
That you've learned 
To believe that THIS is who you are. 
Imagine being abused by NOT RECEIVING HELP so consistently that you
Imagine being proved by every
Passing man and woman that you are 
Not worthy of attention, 
That you are dirty, 
Not only on the outside, but on the
That who you truly are
Is lost underneath the 
Baggage of
Imagine being refused a
Corner of the shop to sleep in. 
Imagine going without fresh food 
For months at a time,
Only eating what you find in trash. 
Imagine being 
Spat on,
Laughed at,
Beaten up,
Only because all you can offer
Is the look of pain
And smell that follows you
Everywhere you go. 
Imagine being genuinely unwanted. 
At the sight of you. 
Imagine having only a WALL
To turn to. 
Imagine starving for compassion. 

Who will you pass by today?