Saturday, March 3, 2012

food for thought

'A third of Nepal's people live below the poverty range'. Read this, go there, and then look back at your life. We, people of this century need some food for thought. We need to get our acts together and learn to appreciate what we have, and give to those who have nothing. I'll give you a quick example. Few weeks ago, someone knocked on the door of our church. It was a couple. They missed the food bank hours. Asked me if there was anything I could give them to eat. They've not eaten for 2 days. I went around the church. It was a Saturday, there was nothing I could give to them except for 2 packs of biscuits. I had to open that door again and tell them that there was no bread, no meal I could offer them except for those biscuits. I saw tears in that woman's eyes. The man.. took the biscuits, looked at them, looked at me, and said.. 'thank you'. Why am I writing this? Because guys, there is something more than money to worry about. There are hurting people around us. You can't afford to go on a mission trip? Then get out of your house and walk down your street. I'll give you £10 if you don't meet a homeless person. When was the last time you gave something? When you sacrificed? I'm not asking about the spare change in your pocket. I am asking about your time, your love, your investment. What are you giving into? When was the last time you served someone else but yourself? Think about it.

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