Sunday, January 15, 2012

a miracle?

We all know the verse 'God uses everything for the good of those who love Him' (Romans 8:28).
Past 2 weeks were miracles for me.
I have returned to England from my Christmas break on the 27th of December knowing I had shifts to work.
I was taking care of a lovely 91 year old woman. But the following day I found myself ill and I wasn't able to  work till the 30th. On that day I found out that my little lady was dying. Because I wasn't trained to take care of dying people, I have been moved from doing sits at home to working out in the community instead, which meant that I now was only helping people out when they were waking up and when they were going to sleep. This way my hours went from 23 a week to 15 a week. I was crying out to God for help because I knew that I wouldn't be able to make enough to psy my debt off. I worked in community for a week and by the end of the same week my little lady got so much better that I was back at hers PLUS I still kept my community hours. You see, because I now knew how to do the community work it has been added to my previous hours. Now I work not 23, not 15, but 39 hours every week!!!!
How amazing is God? He allowed me to go through a week of wondering what am I going to do with only 15  hours a week because He knew I needed to experience the work in community in order to get extra hours!
He is an awesome God. He will use everything for our good, we only need to love on Him and.. trust Him, no matter how difficult the situation seems to be.


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  1. Wow! I like that:) and glad that the old lady turned from dying to fine, that's also quite mercifull, right?
    kisses ;*