Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yes, it is hard to live for God.
Yes, we often go through more trouble than non- Christians do.
It was never promised to us that life would be easy.
It was only promised that it would be worth it.
That God would use everything for good of those who love Him.
So I don't know about you, but I choose to follow.
To go after my Master.
To take on His lead.
To wake up every morning praising His holy name
To go to sleep thanking for the Day.
To lead a life in keeping ownership of what we do
No blame shifting
No 'but you did this so you're worse than I am'
No. Just no.
God gave a LIFE to each of us
And we are not to waste it 
Each day has a purpose
Each and one of them has been planned by God.
It's like a limited edition of Gucci's perfumes.
Once gone, won't repeat.

This is a call
For you, my Friend,
To look into your heart
And see what is it you live for
And I mean, Really.
Things you do you should do more of
Things you do you should never be doing
Who you are when no one is looking
Who is it you give your heart to
Who are they?
Above all else guard your heart for it is a wellspring of life'. Proverbs 3:24

Freedom, is what God gave you.
Choose wisely, my Friend.

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