Friday, August 16, 2013

the simple truth.

it's the way you go about preparing.
the way you treasure each second,
the way you use every experience,
good or bad
to be a lesson learned.
it's the way you wake up in the morning..
what's your first thought?
it's the way..
the way you thank God
that you woke up.
it's the way you face the day
knowing God has already faced it
for you
'he goes before you'
it's the way you trust this promise.
in understanding that God won't
take trials away
but that He will prepare you to
face every single one of them.
it's when you understand that hardships
were designed not to kill you
but to make you stronger...
to make you realise, that God
is GOD
that Jesus came here
because of you.
even if you were the only person
to ever understand it.
to ever believe it.

He saved you.
not for you to waste your life.
not for you to ignore His will for you.

He saved you so you could have
a PERSONAL relationship with Him.

just you and him.

don't try to understand
what doesn't need to be understood
in order for you to be

stop wasting your time on
wrapping GOD in a pretty paper
of theology.


open your eyes to the promises He has for you.
open your heart to the love he wants to lavish on you.
open up, let him in
stop over-thinking, overdoing
and just be.

the beauty of God is the simplicity of this truth:
Accept that Jesus died for you and you will be saved.
The power of God is that your life, no matter how broken
how dirty
can be washed clean
the moment you ask for forgiveness of your sins.

allow your heart to soak in the love
God has for you
allow yourself to be free in the freedom
He paid for with his Son's life.

don't waste the life He gave you.
don't waste another second.

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