Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Does what you have limit you from wanting more of God?

We constantly want more in life. Clothes, cosmetics, toys, list goes on. We are never going to feel satisfied. There will always be a new need coming up. As we go on with our lives and provoke changes, accommodating for them will require us to change and, of course, to want new sort of things. 
But what about our spirits? What about the needs that come up with changes in our lives? 
Do you feel satisfied in your spirit? Do you feel comfortable with what you have? Would you sacrifice something or go an extra mile in order to get more of God? Hear Him more? Gain more wisdom, or get guidance? The list goes on. 
So what are our limits? Where are the stops that make us go 'hey no, I can't do that, I can't go there. That's too much'. 
Is your desire for God bigger than desire for anything else in your life? 
I'm writing this note because I am asking myself the same questions. 
Especially that we have only entered the new year, I want to take this feeling of freshness and put it into my relationship with Jesus. I want to check my heart and check my motives and make sure that they are right.
And if they are wrong, I want to put my priorities in the right order, I want to change my schedule, I want to say no to some things to get more of time with God. 

So again, what is it that is limiting us and is pulling us away from Jesus? My pastor once told me something that I'm sure I will remember forever: 'if devil can't make you bad, he will make you busy'.
Can you hear the truth of this sentence? If devil can't get you back into the worldly lifestyle, he will make sure to make you busy enough to not give time to God in your daily schedule. 

So I guess the point of my note is to encourage you to just look at your life and see what is it that devil is using to keep you away from Jesus. 
TV? Facebook? Laziness? 
Look at it and maybe make some changes? Even the smallest change will make you feel the difference and you will feel closer to God.
Go on, I'm doing it too :)

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