Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you selfish?

Seeing broken people breaks my heart. There's so much pain in this world. I strongly believe that we were made to carry each others burdens, to push each other towards Jesus, to make each other smile.
What I also believe is that selfishness is from the devil. I see it as a virus that spreads around. It blinds people, it makes them feel like giving to others with no profit coming back is a waste of time.
I hate it with passion. People go about their business as if the whole world evolved around them. They make others their slaves but they solely believe that they don't owe anything back. Doing something with no strings attached would probably kill them.

Are you THIS kind of person?
Are you selfish?

Children cry on streets.
Widows don't eat for days so their kids would.
Sick are all alone.
Poor are disrespected.

So much.
So much need.
And we are, are living for the pointless, dumb tv program's.
shopping. Food. Gym. Cinema. Party, one after another.

I wish you could feel my heart right now.
I wish you could feel the ache that I feel when I see broken people.

People who could, but never heard the words of hope.

Because you, my dear Christian friend, chose to watch yet another episode of friends.

I want this note to upset you.
I want it to make you mad.
I want it to make you check your motives and get your acts straight if I was right at any point in here.

God put me here to wake the sleepers. If you're asleep, please wake up. There is a message you need to deliver to this world. With love and compassion. With selflessness, cause you ain't gonna get paid for this.

Go and talk to someone. Someone you've just met or someone you've known for years. Hear their pain and give them love. Tell them.

'You see, we always have a choice. Even when things seem completely ruined, even when they are ruined, we still have a choice. To lie under those ruins, or make a castle out of them.'

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