Thursday, November 1, 2012

1 Day Perspective

Today I'd like to share with y'all something I came up with while struggling with overcoming different things, like for example worry. Couple of months ago I've hit a stage where the amount of struggles seemed to squeeze the life out of me. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I thought about coming months and years with trembling. The perspective of YEARS was breaking my heart but only because, well, I couldn't imagine coming years.

And as I was praying about it, and more so, against it, suddenly light came through the darkness of my hardship.

I tend to write things on my wrist when I know for sure this is the only way to make me remember about something really important.

I got up in the morning and as I was giving that day to God, I prayed specifically against complaining. I thought to myself, that if I could only get through today, I could do more days.

So I wrote '1 Day' on my wrist.

I did it so I could concentrate ONLY on today, without worrying about the coming days.

The feeling of freedom that came over my heart was amazing.

Every time I looked at my left wrist I thought to myself: 'only today don't complain. Don't think about tomorrow, just concentrate on fighting for your today'.

On that day not one complaint has left my mouth.

Why am I writing a note about this?
Because I think it is really worth trying out.

We tend to plan things and we really want to look ahead of ourselves.
Sometimes we think so much about the changes we have to make that instead of being motivated to do something about our lives we get freaked out and discouraged.

But what if we thought ONLY about ONE day at a time?

What if we put our mind to that specific day? And the following day, to that day? And the following?...

How much easier would it be, thinking that you have a whole day to improve something in your life?
This would really make you think about the time you have on your hands.
It would make you realize of the multiple chances God is giving you each day.

I'm not saying it would change your life.
I am saying it would change your day.
Try it. :)

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