Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love is

Love is when you commit, when you choose to come into their life, close the door behind you and throw the key away.
Love is when you don't depend on your or their emotions. When you don't let your day push you to doubt your priorities.
It's when you keep going even when you're separated and that separation breaks your heart. You put those broken pieces together. The new glue is the glue of conscience and strong commitment.
Commitment, that you strive to love him/her just as much as Jesus loves the Church.
Love is good.
Love is kind.
Love is fighting for each other, no matter how many obstacles you'd face.
Love is missing them so badly that you could cry yourself to sleep.
Love is talking good about them to other people.
Love is respect, patience, gratitude, laughter, selflessness, sacrifice, time, touch, space, words, silence.
Love is keeping each other accountable.
Love is praying more for them than for yourself.
Love is putting their good first.
Love is taking care of them.
Love is when everything reminds you of them and you can't stop thinking about them, no matter how long you've been together.
Love is going through storms and getting out of them stronger.
Love is continual pursue of their heart and making them fall for you more and more.
Love is knowing them so well you melt them.
Love is knowing their weaknesses and not using them against them.
Love is when you want to give them a piece of your mind but you stand against your pride and instead allow them to learn their lesson, then come to you and admit they were wrong.
Love is learning. Together. Always.
Love is honesty.
Love is an adventure.
Love is warmth.

Love is when you forgive.

/may looking for the right person not discourage you. They are worth the wait and the search.
And when necessary, (always)

Let go and let God.

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