Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are all individually wrapped

Something has been on my heart for quite a long time now. I understand a lot through pictures and observing. When I get to know people, I watch their every day life. I learn what they like, what they dislike, what are they passionate about. 

And as I am watching the world moving, I see that people live misunderstanding God's gifting system. First of all, that God has a different plan for every single of us, unless you are married, then the vision for spouses will be made so they could work as a team.   Second of all, we are all in a never ending process of growth and changing. Depending on what stage you are in you will be finding yourself looking for things you could do in your church. The most common way to look for your gifts is.. in others. We tend to observe works of our leaders and wish for their gifts. We look at them, we almost envy them. We ask God why can't we do things the way they do. Why can't we organize this mission trip. Why can't we be worship leaders. Why can't we preach on a Sunday morning, etc. 
This is dangerous. Why?
Because while we keep on observing others, we're missing on our calling.
I have named this note 'all individually wrapped', because what we are missing in here is the bigger picture: God has a different plan for every single of us. By this I mean that you need time. Quote I would hear almost every week from my pastor while I was studying on Master's Commission was 'leaders are learners'. You want to lead something? Start from learning. 

God has made you to be you, not your neighbor, not your spouse, not your pastor. You can't replace anyone and nobody will ever replace you.
There are gifts inside of you that are still waiting to be unwrapped. Especially if you are new in the church, there is a great adventure for you to take on. God has made a 'body of Christ' for a reason. If you were made to be a hand, you'll never be able to work as a leg. The mistake we make in the church is that we try to do things that fascinate us without giving God a chance to show us our real passion. 

Do you find yourself in this place? Do you feel like you don't know what you're called to do?
Here are some tips that may help you out:
1. Pray about it. Ask God to show you.
2. Try different things. By this I don't mean to volunteer for every single ministry that your church has, but why  not talk with people involved in different ministries? And when you choose which ministry you would like to get involved in, why not apply for the one you're not sure of? You might surprise yourself. 
3. Don't get discouraged. As I said before God called us to do different things so if you apply for a ministry you thought would be perfect for you but it turns out to be 'fail of the year', it means that you might find yourself somewhere else. Example: just because you like worship doesn't mean you can sing. You really don't have to fit in every single ministry of the church and there is a reason for it: someone else has been called there. 
4. When God speaks: listen and obey. Don't wait until God 'tells you what you want to hear', but be obedient to whatever He tells you to do. 
5. Don't waste your time while waiting on His answer. Volunteer while waiting for God to show you what you're called into- very often this is how God would speak into people's hearts. 
6. Be faithful with small things. Oh how many people I know who won't help us set up chairs because they believe they are called into 'a bigger picture'! Climbing a ladder usually starts from the bottom.
7. Jesus came to serve, not to be served.  Stay humble. 
8. Believe in yourself and in God in you!!! Read your Bible and see that people God was choosing to do some of the greatest things were people who were far from perfect (except for Jesus of course)! Don't let yourself think that you are too small, but also don't think that you are too cool for doing little things! 

You are an individual. God loves and has a great plan for your life. Don't ever compare yourself with others. Don't envy their gifts and talents. Grow. Develop. Be a learner. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Serve the church and your leaders. 
Then God will bless you with more. 

What are your thoughts/ experiences?

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