Sunday, December 11, 2011


You know what? 
I would love to be able to change the present. 
Take the sickness away, heal a heart, change broken relationships. 
We want to do a lot without questioning if we could. 
We tend to leave our desires on the line of 'if only', without moving to the next step. 
believers in God need to pray. 
Through prayer we do change the present and invest into the future. 
through faith God can take the sickness away
through faith He can heal a heart
through faith He can bring freshness of forgiveness into a relationship.
it is only through faith that we can dream and the line of 'if only' doesn't have to EXIST. 
only through faith we can truly live, we can influence today and impact tomorrow. 
would you like to truly live your life? 
believe with all your heart in Him, who can change everything. 
The Lord, Jesus Christ. God the Father. The Holy Spirit. 
The one who overcame death. 
The one who has opened eyes of the blind. 
The one who has raised the dead. 
The one who has split the sea. 
The one who walked on water. 
The one who fed 5 thousands. 
The one who Loves You.

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