Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dream big

Right where you are, look around for a few seconds. 

What did you see? 
A desk, a wall, a park, a road? Maybe some cars? Houses? 

Everything you are surrounded by is a result of someone's dream. 

Some guy had worked relentlessly on the best way to make a brick that would last for years. He designed a house, that became your home. The world has been drastically changed. We have buildings now. 
Someone dreamt of designing flat roads, high ways, best ways to transport. 

The clothes you're wearing right now were designed with passion and purpose. 

We only have what we have, because some people haven't given up on their dreams. 

Some people decided to pursue them no matter how many obstacles they'd face on their way to success. 
I'm not saying they've never had a break. Some issues may have been so complicated that they might have had to stop for a certain period of time, but before they knew it they were up and running again. 

There are some common things between people who succeeded in their life and some of them are:
-self discipline. They kept on going when they didn't feel like it, when circumstances around them weren't good. They made their bodies get under the self discipline of getting up early, working long hours etc. 
-focus. They have made a plan and they sticked to it. 
-THEY DIDN'T GIVE UP. They've made many mistakes, but they kept on going. 

Dyson, man who made hoovers, had made thousands of models before he got to the one that was the best. He worked relentlessly until he achieved his success. Then, he worked some more to make it even better. 

Walt Disney has been fired from his first job for 'lack of imagination'. Would you agree? 

So many people who thought against schemes and traditions, because their dream was bigger than them. 

What I'm trying to get at in this note is:
What are your dreams? 
What is stopping you?
How easily do you get discouraged? 
Do you depend on people's opinion of you?
How quickly do you give up?
Would you like to accomplish something big? Bigger than you? 

I've had a dream to be able to work with people and teach them. 
This week, while standing at the shore of a beautiful lake, I spoke about dreams. 
I spoke about reaching out. About us being our only limit. 
This week I've realised that part of my dream has come to life. 
Only a part of it, because once I've reached working with people, I saw that actually I want to dream bigger. I want to expand this dream, and work, mentor and teach more people. 
Marking two years of my work at the Discipleship school called Southport Master's Commission, I know one thing for sure. 
My dream will cost me everything. To have it come true I will have to sacrifice more than I already did. I will have to set new goals, and push towards them no matter how many obstacles will get in my way. 
And I will do it. 

Will you reach your dream?
Believe, learn and keep going. 

Never ever give up. Not risking anything is more risky than sacrificing everything. 
Stand your ground and fight for it. 

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