Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's talk

Let's talk about the times,
When everything seemed so full of pain,
that any kind of hope or even a nice word
looked just wrong and unfitted.

The times when the spirit felt broken
The heart crushed into pieces
The tears impossible to count
And eyes swollen from weeping.

Silence of dried lips
That scream we wished anyone would hear
Hand... unholded
And arms bend in loneliness.

Dreams then...
Were put on hold.
We only wanted to be able to fall asleep
And not wake up at 4am
Under the knife of painful memories.

Staring at the phone
Daring it to ring
Begging for anyone to care
And remember about our need.

Those dreams others would die for
Were nothing to us then
Because what are those great things,
Without a soul that can be free?

Never before
Has forgiveness been such a struggle
When trust has been left standing
At the doors of our heart.

To break through pain
To stand up again
Is a fight no man will understand
Unless being in that very place.

'To forgive is to let the prisoner free
And discover, that the prisoner was

Nothing can hold back from life
As much as memories that haven't been
Left behind.

Nothing can destroy the future more
Than holding on to past.

Nothing can free you
Except for Jesus.

Let's talk about dreams.
Those that seem insignificant in the eyes of others,
and those that are the basic ingridients for life.

Let's talk about new beginnings,
Where grass seems greener than usual
And the sound of rain
Is the most beautiful music.

Let's talk about the place
At which God wants us to be
The place where we are stronger
Only because we've gone,
Left and closed the doors,
Once and for all,
To that old one.

We are free,
Only when we let go.
We are able,
Only when we make God the head of our being.

We are,
And that's all that matters.

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