Friday, August 3, 2012


Stop right here.

Corrupted by sin.
Caught up, wasted, dirty.
No coming backs, no running away.
Right here, right now is the point of conclusion.
The point at which the issue will either be confronted,
Or accommodated for.
The issue could be faced.
It could be dealt with,
Once and for all,
Doors to the past,
From this moment on,
It's all gone,
It's forgiven, it's forgotten,
It will never be reminded of.
The new beginning could start in just a minute.
Unless the issue was chosen to be accommodated for.
And this...
This means changing the life in a way that the issue would stay safe,
in the midst of life,
It would be never spoken of,
It would be the little secret
Of one mind and one room,
The secret that this one person,
Is actually double minded.

So here,
It is.
That we can no longer hide.
What do people do when it rains?
They want to hide under umbrellas.
But imagine that we use umbrellas of hindrance
For people to not be able to guess that we're dealing with sin.
And one day,
As we walk down the street, as usual,
Suddenly God takes away every single umbrella.
Like Adam and Eve,
We run trying to hide from each others sight.
But this is it.
Everyone can see what one was trying to hide.
All the things we were trying to make work in our life
All the sin we didn't want to deal with.
Suddenly it's all right there,
Visible to everyone.

What would people find out about you if God took that umbrella away from you?

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