Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Special Treatment

You read that topic and you know what I'm about to say, right?
Anger. Times, when everything just gets on your nerves and all you can see is how unappreciative people are. You need some credit for all you do. You expect someone to come and give you a standing ovation for your awesomeness. I do that, even tho I don't work for my own glory. I have times when I don't want to be patient because getting angry is sooo much easier!! Giving someone grace requires so much strength that I often feel run over by the time my day at work is over. Is this what we are about? Is that all? Really? 
We do want good, otherwise we wouldn't be where we are right now. We try our best according to the circumstances we find ourselves in at the time. I find myself praying for grace. Not over me, but over people around me. I catch myself asking God to guard the words that are about to come out of my mouth. I ask for them without checking my heart. When is the time when I give Him my emotions, anger and sadness? Do you have the same problem as I? Forgetting to take care of your spirit before you face problems outside of your life? I see again that leaving your home drained is like going for a war butt naked expecting yourself to not get killed. 
Getting caught up in work, constantly thinking of ways to help others but not taking enough care of our own growth can lead us to run on empty. And we can't give what we don't have.. can we? I find myself doing that and then, mistake made over and over again (when will I learn?), I expect credit and special treatment instead of going to God to renew my spirit. 
Anger comes when patience is no more. Good job God is bigger than that! :)

This week, try to not let your emotions go in front of your thinking. 
This week pray more to God to renew your spirit, patience and grace for others. 
Spend some time meditating the Word, reading a good book or just sharing your heart and feelings with Jesus.

Remember: praying for yourself isn't being selfish, because taking care of yourself means you're able to take care of others. 

So... take care :)

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