Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Get inspired!

Dear Reader,
I write this letter to you out of the need that once seen, planted its seed in my heart and won't leave, until met and satisfied.
I want to tell you a story of a 19 year old girl called Elvis. Her real name is Eveline, but only a few people know it. Eveline comes from a home of abuse. She was never given hope, she was never able to trust anyone. She was taught that to get through the day means she'd have to run away, hide, fight back when attacked and steal when hungry. Eveline got pregnant at the age of 12, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the age of 13. Her boyfriend was in his 20's, unable to take care of his family because he was put in jail for numerous vandalism acts, drug abuse, rape and more. Eveline had to let her mother adopt the baby so she could continue with her school, but soon she realised that she wasn't interested in studying. She lead life of numerous addictions including alcohol, smoking, drugs and self harming. Eveline decided that she couldn't show anyone who she really was, so to protect herself she began to act like a guy. She soon found herself cutting her hair short, wearing guys clothes, using guys cologne and just... looking like a guy. Eveline always found herself getting into trouble with the police. She's been going to numerous concellours, she's been forced to do a rehab, but nothing seemed to help her. The only way for her to express her feelings was by being agressive. One day she felt she couldn't deal with it anymore, she had to get her anger and brokeness out. She saw her neighbour walk down the street. She never liked him plus he used to pick on her so she felt justified by what she did next... Eveline almost killed that grown man. She was charged not for beating him up, but for stealing something from him. This part of the story he made up because he knew she wouldn't go to jail for being aggressive towards him. This week Eveline is going to find out the werdict, she could get up to 3 years in the prison.
You see, story like this one simply breaks my heart. Why? Because we are able to do something about it but we choose not to and, like pharisees, we prefere to hang out with the VIP's. But Jesus hang out with people like Eveline. He came to heal the sick- sick with pain in their heart, wounded by people who were meant to love and support them.
Think of someone you know who clearly needs love. Have you done something about it? Have you seen the need?
Proverbs 3:28 says If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”
Going about your own business and ignoring the need around you is disobeying what God wants from us. Which makes it a sin.
Get passionate about loving on people. Don't be afraid of compassion, because it is so much better to give than to take! Try your best to use opportunities to hear people out, to listen to the cry of their hearts and to speak love into their lives. You might be the only Bible they will ever read.
Be like Jesus, answer the call of the needy.

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