Monday, May 28, 2012

permanent love

Hear this and take it to your heart:
God doesn't love you because you can do good things or you can be selfless or even go to church.
If you're a Christian, He doesn't love you because you serve Him.
He loves you because He has made you.
He doesn't love you temporarily when you do a good deed.

He loves you PERMANENTLY and nothing, and I mean, NOTHING can separate you from this love.

This includes your sins.
Yes, they will separate you from relationship with Him, but no, they won't make Him love you any less.

Come to Him as you are, stop hiding cause He knows things better than you do.

Stop fooling around.

Stop wasting your time.

Stop the guilt trips.

Let Him love you.

You don't have to fix yourself before you can come to Him
because He came to help you overcome things.

Jesus came to heal the sick, not to party with Pharisees.

Jesus came to hang out with poor and prostitutes, not to stone them to death.

Jesus came to love, not to condemn.

You HAVE the promise of blessing and peace and joy and love, if you come to Him.

The life you have right now, no matter where you're at, won't bring you the satisfaction you're looking for, until you let God sit on the throne. Be your number 1. Be your GOD.

Money could satisfy your earthly desires, but only mercy can feed your heart.

Ask me why I have chosen God.
Ask me about my testimony.

How He loves you!!

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