Sunday, March 2, 2014

enter delete copy paste

why are we so closed up
delete delete delete
copy paste

backspace into memories
as if escaping alone
wasn't hard enough.

why are we so closed up
moved by every wind
silent in the eyes of others

so they could view our strength
as our weakness?

today I want to stand up
and say STOP to my fear
I want to say SHUT UP
to those who limit me.

I want to let the words out
I want to live as free outside
as I feel inside.

Today I want to take the promises God's
made to me
and I want to own them
and I want to see them
in my life.

not only for a minute,
it's not a pause button,
but for a forever
I want to claim the person
God has made me to be.

I shall live out the dreams
planted deep within me
I shall stand still on the rock
because sand is worthless

new paragraph
new start.

where's yours?

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