Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why did you doubt?

Hear his voice across the waves

This note is written especially for people who feel like they are in the middle of a life storm at the moment.
It's hard to admit and believe but most of the problems we bring on ourselves. They are the result of our decisions. Regardless tho, living in consequences of those is still hard. And knowing why we have them doesn't really make dealing with them any easier. So here, does blaming the world, friends, family or God help?
I don't think so. What I think tho that would help, is taking responsibility for our actions. Ownership of our decisions. Admitting that we were wrong will help not only us but also those who were involved or hurt by our mistake.
Forgiveness is something so powerful. We really need it in our lives. I don't think we fully realise the importance of it. Admitting our wrong instead of pointing fingers could literally change our lives. Forgiving ourselves for messing up will help our hearts heal.

How do you understand faith?
Imagine 12 disciples. Walking with Jesus for 3 years. Seeing Him in every possible situation, confrontation and pastoral care of people around Him. Would you believe in Him then? We could say that yeah sure, being around Him 24/7 would definitely make our faith stronger. We would never doubt Him.
If so then... Why did only Peter step out of the boat?
In Matthew 14 it says that disciples were trying to get to the other side of the lake when a terrible storm came on them. So bad they thought they would die. Suddenly they recognised a posture of a man walking through the waves. They thought it was a ghost. They didn't recognise the Messiah whom they spent with the last three years of their lives. All of them except for Peter. He knew the heart of Jesus and he also knew that anything was possible if he only believed. So he asked Jesus to call him to come on water to Him. He did. And so Peter stepped out of the boat. Now try to imagine this. A small boat in the midst of a storm, you can hardly see anything, you're soaked through, wet and petrified. Putting this into today's life: you have a whole pile of issues to deal with. So many that you don't even know where to start to solve any of them. You can't sleep, you can't eat, troubles seem to overtake your mind and body. Your heart is broken because of all the pain people close to you caused you. And then you feel that Jesus wants to call you to Him. You're not sure whether its actually Him, it feels so ridiculous that He would want to help you even tho your faith withers, you messed up so many times and you can't remember when was the last time you were talking to Him.
Peter stepped out of the boat. As soon as he touched the water and felt it hold him firmly, he took the opportunity to take his eyes off of Jesus. He saw all the waves about to crash onto him and... He panicked. He forgot that Jesus himself stood right before him. He forgot that at Jesus' command the water under His feet was hard like ground. He fell. He began to drown. He called for help and Jesus reached out to him. He saved his life, again.
'You of little faith'. He, Jesus, calmed the storm within a second. On a command. Because He believed God was greater than the waves.
Peter was so close to Him. Peter knew His heart personally. Peter knew His presence. Peter saw Him perform miracles.
Yet Peter doubted.
Yet 11 disciples didn't even dare coming to the edge of that boat. They were overwhelmed by the waves. Those waves seemed bigger than Gods power.
Would you come to the edge of the boat? Would you call unto Jesus?
How do you react when troubles come? Do you tremble in your boat not hearing Jesus' voice asking you to step out and believe?
How much do you trust Him, really?
Because you know, it's up to you.
There may be a whole list of problems and you could still be joyful. There may be one problem and you could be panicking.
What do you focus on?

Your priorities will distinct the direction in which your life will go. Literally. If your priority is to trust Jesus no matter what, not get overwhelmed by the problems but go with your life focused on His face, you will be stronger than ever before. You will gain wisdom from reading His word, you will become a strong person capable of being selfless.
Or... You could just live a life of complaints, not counting your blessings, merely trusting Jesus, and only when things get a little better. Depending on the weather. Sunny day, lets praise Him. Storm, lets blame Him.

It's up to you. But choose carefully, because God can calm any storm. Any. Try Him and you will see that where your power ends, His only begins. Reach out and learn to walk on water.

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