Thursday, May 10, 2012

For Girls

Concluding past 8 months...
When hardships were coming, one after another, with little or no breaks in between.

I'm sorry, I can't take your pain away
I can only love
I can't understand everything
I can only love
I can't always reach you
I can only love
I can't find right words
I can only love

And when everything else is gone, when it seems like dissapearing is the only option,
I am still there
I still love.
I love you.

I want each and one of you to know that I love you beyond understanding.

Xhoi: you have gone through ups and downs, you have battled through seeing your friends go and you have whistand through all of that. I couldn't be more proud of you. Seeing you grow, seeing you change brings tears of joy to my eyes. I love you so much!!!

Shereen: our only second year. There has been so much expectation and responsibility put on your plate this year. You have gone through this with your head up, whether you were encouraged or discouraged, whether you felt like getting out of bed in the morning or not. You loved on people and most of all: you have loved on your Master, staying obedient to His commandments. I am so, so proud of you. I love you!!

Sylwia: girl... you have changed so much that I don't know where to start. You read as much as you can, you listen, you learn. You want to change. You long to know God better and to become greater. You make me proud. I see you struggling when you're asked to do something you've not done before but you still go and do it. You've battled through loss of people you loved and so many different problems. I've seen you at your best and at your worst. I've seen you learn your lessons and because of that, today you are a different person. I love you!!!

Briki: You bring me such joy. Briki, your love for God has been encouragement to me in the worst times. Your desire to grow and know His Word is inspiring. You never complain, you never stand against your leaders. Having you here is a privilege! You're growing into a mighty woman of God. I love you!!

Girls, you are all amazing.

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